Key industry technology innovation and industrialization project of the national Twelfth Five Year Plan

2.Cooperation with Exxon Mobil, world top 500 enterprise

3. The product technology to obtain national patent

4. The use of the world's most new technology of theUSimport additives

5. All products are well detected, and have product certificates and guarantees




1.     Drip and defogging period in sync with the film.

2.     Stronger film mechanical properties

3.     Longer film life (from one year to 5 years)

4.     Excellent optical performance

5.     Better insulation performance

6.     Stronger resistance to high temperature performance

7.     Anti static, non stick dust

8.     Reduce pest and insect pests, suitable for pollution-free vegetable production

9.     Increase yield and income, in advance listing

10.      The crop has bright color, good taste and high quality.

11.      Our products have more price  width advantage, compared with the similar products from Janpan.

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