GB/T 13663-2000 water supply (PE)polyethylene pipe

GB-15558.1-2003gas cover(PE)polyethylene pipe system


Polyethylene (PE) pipes are widely used in water supply, gas engineering and so on.

1.     It has excellent physical performance, the main performance is not only a good rigidity, but also has good flexibility, non-absorbent, non-toxic, and tasteless. Acid, alkali, salt, organic solvents, cold resistance, and creep resistance are all excellent at room temperature.

2.     It has a long service life and corrosion resistance. If it is buried pipe in -60-60 temperature range , it can be used for over 50 years.

3.     Transport flows largely and tube wall is smooth, to improve the medium flow rate, to increase the flow. It can transport more traffic, and save power consumption compared with the same metal pipeline.

4.     It has significant economic benefits, low cost, low investment. Compared with metal pipeline, it can reduce the engineering investment in 1/3 or so. The small-diameter pipe volumes can further reduce the project cost.

5.     Convenient construction performance quality: density is only 1/8 of steel pipe. It is easy to handle, easy to bend, and welding process is simple, less than the amount of soil. It do not need anti-corrosion treatment, and the construction speed fast.

6.     The stress cracking performance is better than that of steel pipe. In engineering, application can greatly reduce the pipe leakage and pipe burst probability, and increase the safety of gas transport.

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