It uses three-dimensional side limit principle, suitable for foundation reinforcement, cushion and surface protection. It’s three-dimensional structure, by changing the depth and pass combination for a semi rigid or elastic plate, to improve soft, loose fill material of bearing capacity. The cushion can be placed in the required position according to the requirements of the project, used to strengthen the railway, highway subgrade, slope protection, construction of retaining wall, etc. The application of geocell inChinais becoming more and more extensive. It not only can be applied to the soft subgrade treatment, the treatment of the filling connection, the difference of the settlement, the bearing and the retaining wall and the retaining structure, but also can be applied to the protection of the slope and the channel. In the appropriate place, the flexible open three-dimensional geocell is laid down, and it is suitable for the materials, such as mixed material, surface soil or concrete, etc., can be economically and efficiently to protect and improve the relevant structure, and reduce the cost of the project.



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