Width 2-18mm     Thickness 0.06-0.16mm

The product has insulation performance, moisture resistance, can be used as mulch film with short growth period of crops, such as Rape, celery, radish, cabbage and so on. It can be used for rain covered cultivation, and can also be used for packaging of cover, agricultural and sideline products, mechanical and electrical products, industrial products.


1.     Greenhouse shed roof angle should be according to the use of Regional Agricultural Technology Department recommended to determine the angle.

2.     People should buckle shed at higher temperatures and sunny.

3.     Film surface should be smooth without wrinkles, but the tension is not too large.

4.     Film should be used film line reinforcement

5.     In order to facilitate the farmers to buckle shed, people can be according to the requirements of the film on the line double welded joint.

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