This product is a single or double sided with self adhesive, stretched, high flexibility, direct use of dust, moisture, anti rust, anti - scattered packaging film.

It is widely used in industrial products, assembly packaging transportation of bulk goods, all kinds of pipe, sheet of the door, tires, cables, and the ring-shaped article protective packaging storage and animal husbandry silage packaging and supermarkets in various retail food, vegetable packaging etc.


1.       Excellent transparency, high tensile temperature, good tensile properties

2.       Single or double sided self adhesive, high resistance to puncture performance, back to memory lasting

3.       Environmental protection non-toxic, in accordance with the requirements of sanitation standards

4.       Economical and practical, flexible and convenient, safe and reliable


Full width packaging  

The goods are covered in the whole, beauty, good moisture resistance, good overall.

Manual packaging  

For the bulk of the goods, or to open the goods after the re packaging, or repair damaged packaging.

For the large volume of goods, wrapping machine, generally 15-80 tray per hour

Tray packaging 

1.     traditional tension:  

Stretch ratio is less than 100%, stretching occurs in the tray film, the goods from the tray to drive the film wrapping, resulting in the film volume to adjust the tension force. When wrapping, the edge of the stress is more concentrated, the material consumption is not the same, it is difficult to control. The load is not uniform, but the winding machine investment is smaller.

2.ordinary per pull   

Up to 200% pre pull, the film stretchs solely before packing goods to To make the goods more stable. Stretching occurs in two adjacent reels, tension can be adjustable.

3. Electric pre pull  

Up to 300% pre pull, stretching in the goods, scrolls, motor drive, can be controlled separately, a lot of flexibility.

Wrapping : it can protect products on the cylindrical roll or carpet wound. 

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