It is the most simple, economical and effective method for the storage of animal, animal feed and pasture.

It is used for silage production with 3 - layer co - extruded black / white film (it also can produce different colors according to the customer’s demand). It is complete lightproof, the outer layer of the white can prevent the light and heat into the silage. Its thickness is 0.02mm, and its service life is more than one year. Our company uses the latest formula to buy a new raw material, which can reduce the thickness of the film .But it is still retain the original strength, does not affect the service life of the film, but also reduces the cost of the customer.

silage bag

The bag is the 3 Layer Black / white silage bag which dimensions is 7’-12’ and thickness is 0.08-0.099mm, used by high quality silage store. It uses its own formula, collects the characteristics of a variety of raw materials, to ensure that product quality is stable.

 Black / white silage bag needs to have very good mechanical strength, air tightness, shading, to ensure that the bag stored grain, grass, food, etc. will not be lost due. So it must use the best raw material (resin) to produce this product.

Modernization of animal and poultry houses, is the three layer structure, outer layer is 0.02-0.025mm , inner layer is 0.01-0.015mm, and the intermediate layer is insulating materials. The PE film provides the most economic, effective cover material, which can solves the farmhouse, animal, poultry houses problems.

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