It is used for semi container pallet packaging or corrugated carton packaging, medicine, food, condiment, canned bottled drinks, blister type shrink wrap round roll cloth, paper, building materials, floor drum, resin, chemical fertilizer, ceramic tray, and Large electrical switches, machine tools, such as the shape of the overall packaging, etc.


1.     good shrinkage: it can be adjusted according to the need to adjust the direction of the contraction rate, flexible.

2.     High strength, low energy consumption, high safety and reliability

3.     anti-dust and recycling

4.     safety, environmental protection, in line with the requirements of food hygiene standards


QD-1 Beer special heat shrink film

QD-2 Beverage special heat shrink film

We can make other items according to the user's need to pack heat shrink film

Technical index

Width: 100-2000mm     thickness: 0.03-0.2mm

Lateral shrinkage rate: 0%-30%

Longitudinal shrinkage rate: 50%-80%

Shrinkage temperature: 120-210

Shrinkage rate can be adjusted according to user needs

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